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Cribley Enterprises, Inc. is the leading San Antonio based hardscape services company in the Austin/San Antonio region. Cribley Enterprises operates in a multitude of diverse areas, such as retaining walls, paver installations, landscaping and more. The company has earned a profound reputation for the culture of dedication, honesty, and integrity that they show for their clients, their employees, and their community.

Things to remember:

  • We carry up to 4 million dollar general liability
  • Safety is our number one priority
  • Our bond limits are up to 10 million dollars
  • We have many references upon request
  • Our core values; Honesty, Integrity, Hard Work, and Honoring God in all that we do

Mission Statement

Cribley Enterprises, Inc. is dedicated to being a leader in the hardscape business in the greater San Antonio area. It is our intent to offer superior service to our customers by building well designed retaining walls, verified by third party engineers. This is done so that we insure safety and stability, while providing quality work. We strive to maintain a work place where employees are treated as family, for without them we are not a company. We have grown our business with honesty and integrity, honoring God in all that we do.



“If we meet and you forget me, you have lost nothing; but if you meet Jesus Christ and forget Him, you have lost everything.”

-Scott Cribley (Owner/President)